Senior Software Development Engineer

Job Description



● Implement innovative industry applications.

● Develop efficient algorithms or demos to advance the areas such as video-based behavior recognition and analysis or optimization for deep neural networks.

● Publish original research and give speeches at conferences or events.

● Work directly with engineers in headquarter to embed algorithms into commercial software products.



● Ph.D. in Computer Vision or Machine Learning, with over 3 years related work experience.

● Expert in research areas such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, particularly including areas such as deep learning,

● Experience with Deep Learning Frameworks such as Caffe, Torch, Theano, etc.

● Familiar with Matlab or other quick prototyping tools.

● Excellent C/C++ coding skills, familiar with script languages such as Python, etc.

● Good organization, communication and interpersonal skill


Job ID   - 477879243

Location   - Phoenix, AZ

Posted Date   - 1/25/2018

Company   -  KTI

Position Category   - Software Development



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